Design Director


- 自小就对美术产生浓厚的兴趣,父母也全力配合并鼓励着他,所以造就了他扎实的美术功底。

- 就是这样对艺术的执着,让他在高考后大学的选择上放弃了一些综合类的一本院校,毅然决然的选择了艺术专业性更强的院校,


 Brief introduction

Hefei people in Anhui.

-Peng Liyuan, Ni Ping, Chen Jin, Xu Shaohua and other alumni who graduated from the New Media Art Department of Shandong College of Arts.

During the school, he won many awards and his works were exhibited at the Shandong Museum.



Since he was young, he had strong interest in art, and his parents also fully cooperated with him and encouraged him.
During the period of schooling, it is also a literary and artistic representative in the class.
The representative of art class only goes to primary school from primary school.
Large and small has participated in provincial and municipal art competitions and won awards.
This is the dedication to art, let him give up a number of comprehensive colleges in the choice of university after the college entrance examination,
resolutely choose a more art professional colleges and universities, and take the national examination of seventh of the results of the examination
into the Shandong College of Arts.

In school, I have also received many first-class scholarships, and have received high praise from professors and teachers in the school works,
and got the opportunity to participate in the exhibition of Shandong Museum.