John sun

Product director


- 安徽合肥人。

- 毕业于上海财经大学。
- 在校期间与同学曾第一次尝试创业,并成功拿到了1500万的创业基金,并与合伙人计划着将来的发展。



- 在第一次创业的初期,年少气盛他在没有丰富的经验和成熟的技术支持下,最终第一次创业失败了。
- 创业失败后的他学校的课程也不去上了,整天在家里悔恨当初,准备着再一次的尝试。最终在家人和老师的劝说下,还是决定先完成自己的学业再做打算。
- 毕业后的他心智也变得成熟,决定先去到一个大的公司工作几年,去找出一下他们成功的原因,去了解他们的运作方式。


 Brief introduction

Hefei people in Anhui.

Graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

During the period of schooling, my classmates and I tried to start business for the first time, and managed to get 15 million of the venture fund, and plan the future development with our partners.

After having tasted the sweetness of his first venture, his ambition grew bigger and bigger. But without rich experience and mature technical support, it failed for the first time.
After failing to start his business, his school curriculum is not going on. He regrets all day at home and is ready to try again. Finally, persuaded by family members and teachers, they decided to finish their studies before making plans.
After graduation, he became mature and decided to go to a big company for a few years to find out why they were successful and to know how they worked.
In this way, he went to the flying bull network of big RFA. During this period, a "home to come" project was launched and fully managed. After a while, he found out why such a good project could not be done by itself.
So he resigned from the position of flying bull and was planning to try his second venture.